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Hopefully you will find everything you need on this page to make you the ultimate supporter and fan of Spike Up Athletics. From donating to volunteering, we are confident that with your support we can make Spike Up Athletics one of Idaho's premier running, jumping, and throwing clubs and help us keep our sport affordable for our community. Just click on any of the below images to learn more. Some images may direct you to another website, but we assure you that all of your e-commerce is secure with those we partner with and refer you to. If in doubt, always look for the secured padlock in the left-hand corner of the web address URL.

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Make a Donation


Our club survives on donations from supporters like you. Any amount donated whether it be $5 or $20 will be a huge help. Our tax ID  No. is 84-2007828 and your donations are tax deductible. Click on the above Icon to make a donation. Read about PayPal's Safety and Security Protections.



Help! All it takes is your time, kindness, and willingness to give back. Click on the above Icon to register as a volunteer.

Fan Store


Show club support by clicking on the above Icon to order your fan apparel. Free shipping on orders over $149.


If you are a Spike Up Athletics athlete, you must order your competition uniform from the Athlete Store. This Fan Store contains your optional wear (it is not mandatory that you purchase anything from this store). However, if you do purchase from this store, it is highly recommended that you purchase from the "essential gear" so that the team looks uniform and sharp at competitions.

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Blast Athletics


Click on the above Icon to learn about Blast Athletics. Blast is how our team will communicate. The team manager or head coach will send text announcements and reminders to both athletes and parents. 


Click here to see a video demonstration about Blast Athletics

To register for a Blast Athletics account, click here for instructions

It is advised that parents register by their athlete's first day of practice.