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What Is Spike Up Athletics?


Spike Up Athletics is a USA Track & Field (USATF) member club that primarily provides middle and high school athletes the additional opportunity to train, grow, compete, and be successful in track & field athletics outside of their school seasons. Secondarily, we plan to serve our community by providing opportunities for elementary school children, adaptive-disabled athletes, and able-bodied adults who still have the competitive fire and spirit to participate in USATF running, jumping, and throwing events.

Outside of helping our young men and women athletes remain outstanding citizens, our single most important goal at Spike Up Athletics is to see our athletes become recurring presences on medal rostrums at regional and national track & field events.

We value athletes who have or want to develop a great work ethic, are committed towards infinite excellence, have a positive attitude, displays outstanding sportsmanship, and are humble and grateful when success arrives.

We also value a club culture of putting athletes first, diversity, togetherness, transparency, and always trying our best to do the right thing.

What's Our History?


Spike Up Athletics was officially born on May 27, 2019, but the need for Canyon County to have its own running, jumping, and throwing club was realized and put into action around October 2018 when two Canyon County parents expressed to our current head coach that they would love for their kids to join a club track & field team but logistically couldn't make it work due to living in Nampa and all of the best club opportunities existing in Boise. Our coach had an epiphany, and the decision was made that he'd try to bring a club to Canyon County to fill a void that was desired and desperately needed.


Our current head coach and his wife began the long and arduous planning process to bring a track and field club to Nampa, where they lived, with the intent of the club serving Canyon County in its entirety.


Our founders began by setting up a temporary website and ran a "name your track club" contest from February 2019 to May 2019 as a way to engage and get the community excited ahead of deciding on an official name. An independent group of various friends reviewed the name submissions without knowing who submitted those names, and they narrowed the submissions down to two names. One of the names was an actual submission and the other was a name the independent group created using ideas from various submissions, all favoring the latter because it was unique in comparison to other business names in our county. And on June 3, 2019, our founders announced Spike Up Athletics as our official name, which was the name created by the independent group.

Our Logo


Immediately after selecting our name, our founders started thinking about branding. Our head coach recommended that they give a local young person a shot at designing a logo for the club in hope that it would be something the Canyon County community would take pride in knowing that one of their own designed it and would be a part of our club's history. Kaden Pendell, a 14 year old talented artist who was attending Sage Valley Middle School in Nampa at that time, was asked and he accepted the challenge. From June 2019 for about 6 weeks, Kaden worked on an assortment of logos, and on July 21, 2019, Kaden presented his work to our founders and some of their friends. As soon as our founders and their friends saw our current logo, they all gasped! It was safe to say that Kaden nailed it, and the branding on this website and all of our social media displays his amazing design!


Thank you Kaden for your amazing talent and art you made for Spike Up Athletics! You will always be part of our history!

Kaden is featured on our home page in the sponsor section. Please click on his photo, check out his amazing work, and send your business this young man's way. 

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