Frequently Asked Questions


Here are the most common questions we get asked and their answers. If we fall short, need to clarify, or you do not see the answer to your question at all, then please click on this link and submit the "Contact Us" form. 

 01  Where do you practice?

We practice at West Middle School in Nampa. The address is 28 S Midland Blvd. Limited parking is available on S. Benewah Dr. and in the parking lot on the corner of S. Benewah Dr. and Lonestar Rd.

On occasion, we will also hold practices at the Jackson Indoor Track & Field facility that is near the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa.

 02  What days and times do you practice? 

We will practice 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. This provides our athletes 24 practices per month versus the traditional 8 practices per month most track clubs offer. Our practice schedule for the fall/winter indoor season will be as follows.

10/28/19 thru 11/30/19

4:30 to 6 pm:  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

5:30 to 7 pm: Tuesday and Thursday

10 to 11:30 am: Saturday

12/2/19 thru 2/15/20

4:30 to 6 pm:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

5:30 to 7 pm:  Tuesday

10 to 11:30 am:  Saturday

Practices have already started for early registrants, but athletes are free to join our workouts as soon as they complete registration. To begin the registration process, click here.

 03  My school sport does not end before Spike Up Athletics' practices start. Can I still participate?

Yes, you may still participate. However, out of respect for your school and coach(es) of your particular sport, we ask that you please not come to practice with Spike Up Athletics until your school season is complete or your head coach provides written permission for you to come and practice with us. In the meantime, while waiting for your school season to end, please go ahead and complete Spike Up Athletics' registration process ASAP, and we'll see you when your school season ends.


 04  Does your club offer training for all track & field events?

Although we have every intention of catering to all track & field athletes, unfortunately we won't be able to train pole vaulters and weight throwers this coming fall/winter season. We are going to make every effort to provide training for pole vaulters our upcoming summer season and weight throwers next fall/winter season. 

 05  Does your club offer a weight lifting program as part of your track & field training?

Yes, it is vital that we include a weight lifting program to supplement our running, jumping, and throwing practices. Having a lifting program helps our athletes strengthen their bodies to avoid injuries due to the high demands we place on them. 

 06  What is the cost and are there any hidden costs I need to be aware of?


Because we know we live in a low economic area, we want our costs to be as affordable to the community as possible, so our athlete registration fee is set at $200 a season. While other clubs in the Treasure Valley charge upwards of $215 for the fall/winter indoor track season, only practice 8 days a month (with no weightlifting), and only participate in 1 or 2 indoor meets, we practice 24 days a month (to include weightlifting) and have 5 indoor meets scheduled. We also offer a 10% discount per athlete living in the same home. We offer military families a 15% discount per athlete. To take advantage of these savings, click here to begin the registration process. 


Spike Up Athletics currently has two seasons: a fall/winter season and a summer season. The athlete registration fee covers the cost of providing coaching and training to our athletes. There will be a separate one-time uniform cost of about $60. Athletes will never be required to purchase a new uniform unless they choose to or our uniform manufacturer discontinues our uniform selection. Opportunities will be made available for athletes & parents to offset the one-time uniform cost by participating in our Idaho Steelheads ticket coupon fundraiser (click here to learn more about it).  Athletes will be required to purchase a USA Track & Field (USATF) membership, which is currently $20 per year (the year begins on November 1 of each year and goes through December 31 of the following year). There will be costs associated with travel to/from competitions that athletes will evenly share, such van rental & gas costs and hotel accommodation costs. All competition associated costs will be itemized and presented to parents and athletes via our athlete pool account spreadsheet. Associated costs vary per competition and can range somewhere between $70 and $160 depending on where we're traveling, how long we'll be there, whether the athlete will be rooming with his/her parents or sharing a room with other athletes, whether the athlete will be traveling to/from the competition with parents or in the team van, and how much the athlete will be able to earn via his/her fundraising effort. We also do not put pressure on any athlete or parent to travel for competitions as each individual family's financial situation is unique; but, if the family's goal is to make the athlete a better runner, jumper, or thrower then we will emphasize that the only way to get better is via hard work and competing against top level athletes both within and outside of Idaho.  

 07  How many travel meets do I need to plan and budget for?

We are planning to do 3 to 4 travel meets this indoor season. Our tentative schedule can be view by clicking here and then on "competition schedule." Our travel meets can be as near as Pocatello, Idaho and as far away as Provo, Utah or Pullman, Washington during our fall/winter season; and as far away as the east coast of the United States during the summer season. Just to clarify, we don't purposefully look to the east coast or to states that are not nearby for competition, but we have no say in where USA Track & Field (USATF) decides to hold our regional and national events during the summer season. Again, we are very comfortable with leaving travel decisions up to each individual family. The beauty of track and field is that although it's a team sport, it's still very much an individual sport as it pertains to the events in which the athlete competes.  The only time a family's decision to not let their athlete travel and have that decision negatively impact the team is when their athlete is on one of our top relay teams and that team has a realistic chance of getting on the podium at a regional or national event, which can be a huge disappointment to his or her relay team members. Spike Up Athletics will always be very honest with parents about their athlete and his/her relay team's chances of reaching a podium, which information will help the family make travel decisions.


 08  Can adults come train with Spike Up Athletics?

Yes! We want to build a community of race walkers, especially for those adults over 30 years old. Although it is our dream to grow our sport by getting adults in our community to participate in competitive running, jumping, and throwing events because it helps keep our community healthy, their competition opportunities may be very limited, especially during the fall/winter season. But, we highly encourage adults to be active and train with us. However, because we have young athletes on our team, we have to take precautionary measures to protect them from sexual abuse and adult misconduct. As a result, any adult who wishes to train with us will be required to abide by the same rules as our coaches, which is to get a USA Track & Field (USATF) membership, pass a background check, and complete a mandatory online safety course called SafeSport.  USATF memberships costs about $30 a year for anyone over 18 years of age (the year begins on November 1 of the current year and goes through December 31 of the following year); the background check costs $16 and has to be renewed at least every 2 years, and the SafeSport course is free to anyone who has a USATF membership. If you'd like to learn more about SafeSport and USATF requirements for coaches, please click on the following links: