The Complete Registration Process

Register Now in 5 Easy Steps!

Step 1 - Club Registration


Athlete Registration

To Register for the upcoming summer season, click on the above Icon and follow the instructions. Also see FAQ #3 and FAQ #7 

Early bird registration ends March 13, 2022 @11:59 pm. Register prior to March 14, 2022 and save 20% off our standard registration fee.

Adult race walkers, please wait until March 14 to register to receive your 70% discount.


New athlete registration ends April 17, 2022 @11:59 pm. New athletes are those athletes who have never competed with Spike Up Athletics or are in need of a new uniform. Uniforms have to be ordered in April to allow plenty of time for delivery prior to our summer season starting.

Current athlete registration ends May 23, 2022 @11:59 pm! Current athletes are those athletes who have competed with us in a previous season and do not need a new uniform.

Step 2 - Athlete Medical Information


Athlete Medical Information

Click on the above Icon to submit the athlete's medical information. 

Please submit this form at the same time you complete step 1.

Step 3 - Blast Athletics Account

Blast Athletics.png

Click here to learn more about Blast Athletics. Blast Athletics is how our team will communicate. The team manager or head coach will send text announcements and reminders to both athletes and parents.

Click on the above Icon to register for a Blast Athletics account. 

Athletes and their parents should complete this step upon completing step 2 so that both can immediately start receiving communications about our season, even before the first scheduled practice.

It the athlete trained and/or competed with us during a previous season and both the athlete and his or her parents still have the Blast Athletics app installed on their cell phones, then they may skip this step.


Step 4 - Athlete Uniform Order (Mandatory)


Competition Uniform

Within 48 hours of receiving the athlete's completed registration form (step 1) and completed medical form (step 2), Spike Up Athletics' administration will email the athlete and his or her parents information on how to order uniforms.  Uniforms are custom made so the base price is approximately $85; however, they are subject to come down in price depending on he quantity of our bulk order. Once price is determined, Spike Up Athletics will invoice the athlete's parent/guardian for the cost of the uniform and that cost will be based on the quantity of our bulk order. Sometimes, families may be able to offset that cost via club planned fundraisers. The athlete or parent/guardian may also check with Spike Up Athletics to see if they have any used uniforms in stock in the athlete's size, which can be obtained for approximately $40.

Step 5 - Affiliation Memberships

image0 (3).jpeg

USATF and AAU Affiliation Memberships

Click on each of the above Icons to find instructions for obtaining the athlete's new club affiliation membership or to renew a membership from a previous season or competition year.


Athletes cannot compete in USATF or AAU sanctioned events under the Spike Up Athletics name without these memberships. Total cost of youth memberships $41. Total cost of adult athlete $67.50. Total cost for non-competing adults $58. 

Completion Deadline: June 1, 2022 @ 11:59 pm!