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Summer Registration is Open!

Summer registration is now open, and we're super excited to also announce our brand new program titled "Small Spikes." Beginning this summer, Spike Up Athletics will offer the following three programs:

  • Small Spikes: for ages 6 to 10 (must turn 7 before 12/31/23) - $75 per summer season only. Small Spikes will not be offered during our fall/winter indoor season.

  • Youth: for ages 11 to 18 (must not turn 19 before 7/30/23) - $200 per season.

  • Masters: for ages 25 plus (race-walking is great for adults) - $60 per season.

We also offer a 10% discount off each program fee when multiple athletes live permanently at the same residential address, and we offer a 15% discount off each program fee when the athlete's parent or guardian is a first responder, active duty or retired military, or military veteran and can provide a copy of his/her unexpired ID card or copy of his/her DD Form 214.

Click on this link and go register:

Registration for our summer season may close as early as April 21 to allow uniforms to be ordered and delivered prior to our first summer meet. If it's possible to extend the registration period a bit further, we will announce in on our website and all social media. See our FAQ page to find answers to the questions we're most frequently asked regarding registration.

Practice will begin on May 24, 2023. If you are currently playing a spring school or club sport, we encourage you to still register with Spike Up Athletics as soon as possible. Any athlete who plays a spring school or club sport, registers with Spike Up Athletics, but decides prior to May 24, 2023 that he/she no longer wants to join the team and compete will receive a full refund of paid program fees.

Please tell your track & field and cross country friends about Spike Up Athletics. We would love to have them as teammates.

Also, please go like and follow our social media:

Facebook: @SpikeUpAthletics (please do us a huge favor and leave a review)

Instagram: @SpikeUpAthletics

Twitter: @SpikeUpAthletic

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