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We Are Now FNX Fit Ambassadors!

Spike Up Athletics is proud to announce that we are ambassadors for FNX Fit. FNX Fit is a health and performance nutritional supplement company that first began working with the Crossfit community but has now expanded into other sports.

Ever since Spike Up Athletics' inception, we've had an interest in making performance supplements available to our athletes because of the high physical demands we place on their bodies; we are not a recreational club and therefore we don't train like one. Sports nutrition is as valuable to our athlete's performance as the on-the-track and weightroom aspect of our training. Athletes, just like many of us, do not get the proper vitamins, minerals, carbs, proteins, and overall fueling they need via their daily food consumption, so performance nutritional supplements help fill the gap. Because we do tear up a lot of muscle fibers on our hard training days, Spike Up Athletics' coaches are more interested in our athlete's recovery and ensuring they have the proper supplements to help muscle recovery and avoid injury.

What Does Being an FNX Ambassador Mean For Our Athletes?

So, what does being an FNX Fit ambassador mean for Spike Up Athletics' athletes? It just means that FNX Fit has given us our very own discount code, which can be used by ANYONE! Yes, read that said "anyone." Anyone who uses our discount code will get a 20% discount on every order. In turn, FNX Fit gives our club a monetary kickback every time our code is used for a purchase. We view this as a win-win because it helps our athletes get their nutritional supplements at a reduced cost, and it helps us raise money for our club to purchase much needed training equipment, uniforms, etc.

Want to Help Support Our Ambassadorship?

If you would like to help support our FNX Fit ambassadorship, here's how you can help: share this blog post; shall all of our social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) regarding FNX Fit supplements; share our discount code (SPIKEUP20) with anyone involved in track & field or any other types of fitness who might be looking for good, safe supplements to take; and ask them to visit the FNX Fit website to shop using our discount code, which again is SPIKEUP20.

To visit FNX Fits website, click here:

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